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 With three decades of commercial and residential roofing  experience, you can count on our  quality of service delivery. We are competitive in price and service quality and  we make  sure you get the job-done-right the very first time.

We work with flat roofs  and residential roofs.  We come to your home  and office , inspect your roof for free and provide you with a written repair estimate. There are no hidden charges and obligations.   Call Dale now-(613) 790-4480 


Free Onsite Inspection

Versatile Layout

You have a roofing problem and need to know the cost and various options.

We work with residential and  flat roofs and will be more than happy to explain the options and prices with you.

We will also explain our roofing  process that has been perfected for  over thirty years- we bring that experience to your advantage.  


Make our three decades of  roofing experience work for you. We are competitive in price and service delivery.



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You have a roofing problem and you are not sure how to address the issues. It could be a number of factors -  thermal issues, drainage problems, heat loss , ventilation, humidity  and plumbing problems.

To decipher complex problems in commercial work places, contact us  for a site visit.   The inspection is absolutely free and you get a free written repair estimate.   Make our three decades of  roofing experience work for you. We are competitive in price and service delivery.


Canadian Roof Works is a locally owned and operated business. We have over 10 years experience installing and repairing flat roofs for commercial and residential buildings. As a local member of the Ottawa community we take tremendous pride in the quality of workmanship and ensure our clients receive a great roof. We also use high quality material to ensure it our roofs are able to withstand the Ottawa weather.

Project Management

 We apply Modern Project Management methods to all portions of Roofing and Renovation assignments. Professional project management reduced delay, cost overrun and guards against poor quality workmanship due to reduced work deadlines.


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Market Leader

Candian roof works is growing at 50% rate over the past 10 Years.

Our core area of expersite is large commercial flatroof renovation and repair.

We welcome all major tenders and quotaion opportunity in Canada and USA.


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Renovating  Flatroof  at xyz Corporation

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ISO- 9001 Service Quality Control

 Canadian Roofworks adheres to quality control and  regulatory inspections  in effect in  tier-one  service company.



Guideline for Roof Repair

Get a copy of the Roof Repair and renovation guidelines

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Project Financing

 A free guideline for Roofing finance.

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Flat Roof Solutions

 Canadian  Roofworks in Commercial and Residential roof repair and renovation


Residential Roof Solutions

Residential roof repair and solutions


Asphalt and Garage Solutions

 Commercial Parkade and Asphalt solutions for Parking Lot


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