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Advantage 1-Self Performing Advantage 2-Emergency Service As a single-source provider, Canadian Roof Works has eliminated the need for subcontractors bringing you unmatched quality and consistency across projects. Our technicians are easily identified by their company uniforms. As a roof repair specialist, our in-house technicians are available 24/7/365 to stop roof leaks. With our in-house technicians strategically positioned throughout our service area, Canadian Roof Works guarantees that a technician will be onsite within 4 hours. Advantage 3-Real Time ETAs Advantage 4-Specialized Services Our estimated arrival times are based on real-time GPS monitoring of our fleet. In an emergency, this allows us to provide you with minute-by-minute updates of when our technicians will arrive on your project. Unlike other roofing companies that focus on installations and have a small maintenance and repair division, Canadian Roof Works is a roof repair specialist allowing us to focus on repairs, maintenance, snow load management, and troubleshooting. Advantage 5-Unmatched Communication Advantage 6-Innovative Technology We believe that communication improves efficiency and ultimately reduces costs. At Canadian Roof Works, we are available 24/7/365. There are no call centers or after-hours hotline. Anytime you call or email, your request will be answered directly by Canadian Roof Works. Unmatched project documentation with photos, work verification forms, rooftop imagery analysis, and a complete history of each site are available to our clients within moments of our technicians arriving on the project. Advantage 7-Site Analytics Advantage 8-Transparency At Canadian Roof Works, we have the expertise and data to alert you to changes in service call patterns and costs. Our analysts do not mine data, but work with you to explore how different scenarios affect your sites and ultimately, your bottom line. We believe that transparency creates long-term relationships. At Canadian Roof Works, our site histories, safety records, and project documentation are readily accessible to you. Advantage 9-No-Third Party Markups Advantage 10-Complete Customization Since we are a single source provider, we can pass the savings along to you by eliminated all third-party markups and reducing overall costs. All of our services from roof repairs to rooftop grease containment to snow load management are tailored around your needs. Our services, technology platform, and work flow are completely customized to your meet your needs.

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